6 Ways to have an absolutely happy relationship

Loving someone and being loved is the best feeling in the world. When in a relationship, it is necessary that both the people involved do everything possible to make it blissful. However, many of us have a hard time doing the simplest things to the person we love. It is never money that makes a relationship fulfilling. All you require is to be a little more observant and sensitive to what is needed to elevate your romance to the next best stage.

6 Ways to have an absolutely happy relationship

Read along to find out what you can do to make your relationship happier than it is now:


Communicate, Communicate and Communicate!


This is the most important mantra to have a happy relationship. Don’t stop being inquisitive about each other. There is something new either of you are always learning. Express your interest to know things about your partner. Tell them what you did and ask how their day was! This will bring you closer and bridge the gaps that have been created with time. The problem is, initially people are very interested in knowing the littlest details about each other which fades along the way.


Don’t drag your problems

Try and nip all problems in the bud. Avoid letting issues pile up. This usually leads to unnecessary emotional baggage which isn’t great if you wish to sustain the relationship long term.  Both of you need to work things out. A relationship can never be a one- sided affair. Solve everything right at the start. No matter how hard it is for you to let go of your ego, learn to say “Sorry”. There is no losing in a relationship. The greatest thing that you should remember in a fight is that you are a team. You love each other and nothing should matter more than that.


Take a genuine interest in their likes and dislikes

 6 Ways to have an absolutely happy relationship

Wanting to engage with the man you love means you should be able to understand what lifts his mood and what doesn’t. Don’t be pretentious. You will get caught. If you just can’t seem to like his hobbies let him know and let him be the way he wants to when he gets involved in it. Also, don’t ridicule what he likes. People have different tastes and you need to be respectful. Give it a try and who knows you might start liking what he does. Intentionally doing things that piss off your partner is again something that you should steer clear from. And why would you do something like that if you love him? No one is asking you to worship anyone. But being sensitive is the least you can do to make the other person feel happy and fulfilled in a relationship.


Learn to let go

Don’t keep grudges against each other. You should be able to forgive and forget. You are not perfect. Neither is your partner. If he makes mistakes, you should let it go. Have an amicable attitude when you wish to solve things. Always being on a defensive mode doesn’t work well in a relationship. If you are the one at fault, accept it. If he is, give him another chance as long as the committed act was unintentional. In case he repeats it, or cheats on you; you know what you are dealing with and what should your action should be.


Be respectful of your partner

6 Ways to have an absolutely happy relationship

Treat your lover with respect. You get respect when you can give respect. Take pride in who they are and what they do. If you don’t agree with them, be polite. There is a way to deal with things that you do not approve of. Don’t just pull the trigger when things don’t happen your way. Being emotional is normal but don’t make the other person feel guilty just because you do not share the same opinion as him. When you can respect, it shows that you see them in a way that goes beyond just how they physically appear. This builds trust and confidence in the relationship.


Don’t take your physical compatibility for granted

Of course, you may have mutually agreed to never engage in a sexual relationship before you get married, which is completely understandable. However, the importance of physical compatibility is undeniable. For those of you who have already engaged in love making, understand that you need to keep things exciting just like they were when you had sex initially. Dress well, be naughty, excite him! Sexual deprivation may not work well in a relationship. Be responsive to your partner’s needs. Speak about what’s keeping you away and find a middle way. Share your fantasies and be open to learning new things. Who cares about what happens in your bedroom as long as both of you are happy and ever willing to spark things up?



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