7 Things You Should Not Do For Your Partner To Have A Healthy Relationship!

Going all the way through anything for your partner and seemingly not expecting anything from him/her is what all it takes to have a healthy relationship, Isn’t it right? Wrong. We have always seen women going out of her way to please her man. Yeah, it is sometimes okay to bend a little to maintain a balance in your relationship, but compromising all the time is not good for a healthy relationship.

7 Things You Should Not Do For Your Partner To Have A Healthy Relationship!

Showering him with love while you being okay with not being given enough time for, putting in a lot of effort and changing yourself just to please him, saying yes to anything and everything etc. is not going to lead to a clean path. In fact, you’re creating obstacles for the relationship in the long go.

Is this what you’ve been doing? Then you definitely are leading your relationship into pits. If you want to maintain a healthy relationship with your man then stop doing these few things for him and you are in for a long healthy relationship with your man.


Sacrificing Your Personal Life, Friends Or Even Family

7 Things You Should Not Do For Your Partner To Have A Healthy Relationship!

Don’t lose the sense of self. Don’t lose who you are. Finding the love of your life might make you feel that you do not need anyone else. But that’s where you are wrong. If you haven’t heard it already let me quote it again- ‘Love isn’t enough’

It all seems good in the beginning. But as and how you move on into your life you’ll realize that everyone in your life has a role to play. Yes, he might be the one around which your life rotates but is it same with him? Certainly not. Have your own hobbies, friends, preferences and maintain a balance of all these in your life along with your love life. Although don’t go overboard and forget your love life.  Maintaining a balance is what you need to learn. That way he won’t be bored of you as you’re life is varied and even respect other people in your life as well as you because you need to be respected too.


Anticipating Their Every Need

7 Things You Should Not Do For Your Partner To Have A Healthy Relationship!

Quit trying to be his mom. Harsh but true!

Stop assessing what he needs all the time and rushing out to do the things before he even asks. While it seems sweet and caring of you, it just leads to you being taken granted by him. Doing it sometimes and keeping things ready for him is definitely a sign of love but not all the time. Wait for him to voice out his needs and wants. Give him space. If he needs you he’ll call you out for it. Be laid back a bit when it comes to offering help. Let him realize that he needs you as much as you need him. Let your relationship be a two-way thing and not just about you giving.


Trying To Be Right All The Time

7 Things You Should Not Do For Your Partner To Have A Healthy Relationship!

Many people have this habit of trying to prove that they are always right. But no one likes it when someone else proves you wrong. That is what exactly your partner would feel if you always try to prove yourself right.

Although you might be right most of the times but that doesn’t mean you have to always show it off in his face saying – ‘See I told you’ That would wound him. And if eventually, this goes on happening on a regular basis then you would end up ruining a blooming healthy relationship. Everyone is going to be wrong sometimes and you just need to stop taunting him when he does something wrong. This might be a deal breaker for some people.


Offering Up Unsolicited Advice

Unsolicited advice is never welcome. You should keep this in mind. Yes, you both are partners and you share each other’s problems. But some issues are delicate. You do have rights to voice your thoughts when it comes to career, finance etc. You giving them unsolicited advice might sometimes make them feel that you feel sorry for them. They might even feel that you are disappointed in them which was not what you intended.

So when you feel like the issue is too serious let him come to you. Sure be a shoulder for him to lean on but do not feel pity for him. Give him moral support which he needs the most.

Doing Everything They Want To Do

You might feel like going to the restaurant he likes, letting him choose the movie and letting him plan the whole thing as per his wish is Okay occasionally. But if this becomes a daily appearance and they call the shots without as much importance to your wishes then your relationship will end up as a disaster. Eventually, you’ll realize that your partner misses out on what you need and that will make you resentful towards each other. So what you can do is take turns alternatively. Don’t you think this will be a good idea?

Doing All The Chores Alone

7 Things You Should Not Do For Your Partner To Have A Healthy Relationship!

When you live together all the cores most of the times end up being on one person and that shouldn’t happen. It is common for one person to bear the load of all the work but that is because you don’t speak against it. If you are picking the towel daily and that bothers you then let your partner know. If you set up a dynamics of work together then you’ll be surprised to know that how easily things will work out. Even a little bit of help might make you feel relieved.

Just talk it out normally and set up a routine. That is all it takes sometimes for a healthy relationship – the ability to communicate easily and having a perfect understanding.


Showering Him With Expensive Gifts All The Time

Getting him something that he wishes even though it is expensive once in a while is okay. But getting him gifts so much more expensive than what he can afford just to make him happy might make him happy for some time. But that’s it. He might feel a little awkward later on and even feel low because even though he wants to shower you with gifts he can’t. That might hurt him. Better buy him gifts that even he might be able to get you.

Supposedly, in the worst kind of circumstances if you are in a relationship with an immoral person he might use you for his personal needs. In both the cases, your relationship will end up in ruins.

A relationship requires a deep understanding of each other and healthy communication. Two people who value each other as much as they value themselves and do not judge each other- you should work towards this kind of bonding in order to have a healthy relationship. The bonding where you are perceived an equal and loved unconditionally.