7 Ways to take care of your dry nails

7 Ways to take care of your dry nails

Dry nails not only look bad but also reflect underlying bad health conditions. Split nails can be an embarrassment coupled with pain. Even the most expensive nail polishes can find it difficult to cover up all the damage done. So, are your nails too demanding attention?


Here are things you could do to give your nails strength and prevent them from breaking, peeling or chipping.


Oils to your rescue

7 Ways to take care of your dry nails

Oils do a much better job than creams or gels which do not stay for long and provide short term benefits.. Dip your nails in a bowl of olive oil for around 20 minutes to help it soak moisture. Do this for almost a month and then just doing it twice a week will work wonders. You can also use vegetable oil in its place or any other oil.


Give your nails some rest

Stop putting pressure on your nails and engaging them in activities like opening cans or pricking any object. This might force your nails to break accidentally or cause them to bleed. Spare yourself the unnecessary pain. Instead use a tool for the purpose.


Protect your nails when working

7 Ways to take care of your dry nails

Always wear gloves while washing, cleaning or gardening. Detergents or cleansing agents have harsh chemicals that cause chipping or breaking or the nail bed. Frequently washing your hands with hand washes can also dry your hands out. Remember to apply a thick moisturiser or a glycerine enriched cream soon after you wash your hands. This will not just keep your hands soft but also protect your nails.


Be choosy about brands  

Just like your skin, nail care is important to your beauty regime. Check labels of your creams, nail polish and remover. Cheap packaging or bad quality products shouldn’t be used as they might cause prolonged damaged. Stop using nail polish removers frequently. Limit yourself to using it just once or twice a month. Expose your nails to sunlight. This will help your hair and nails to heal and grow .


Supplement your diet with vitamins

7 Ways to take care of your dry nails

A protein rich diet with vitamins like C, D, and Calcium will not just be beneficial to your overall health, but also prevent your nails from chipping. Take a supplement daily after consulting with your doctor.


Keep yourself hydrated

7 Ways to take care of your dry nails

Just like your skin and hair, nails need water too. Drink enough water to help your nails have a constant supply of moisture. You do not always need to spend a lot. Often nature is the best gift to your beauty regime.


Give your nails some massage

A nice massage can help draw blood flow to your nails. A good flow of blood is necessary to ensure nutrient supply to your nails for their growth.


If you have reached a point where your nails have completely damaged, you can still work your way out to having healthy nails if you follow these religiously.



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