8 metabolism boosters for a fit body

Weight watchers beware! While trying to reduce weight, you tend skip the necessary metabolism boosters which you shouldn’t. Rev up your metabolism and reach your weight goal by including the following healthy boosters in your diet.

  • Water

8 metabolism boosters

The number of calories you burn depends upon the amount of water you consume. In one research, men who drank eight glasses of water could shed more weight than men who drank four. So if you don’t want your metabolism to slow down, drink as much as you can.

  • Green tea

8 metabolism boosters

If you are doing moderately intense exercise for a short time, 2-3 cups of  green tea can help you burn 17% more calories. It has the power to boost metabolism for a few hours.

  • Coffee

8 metabolism boosters

It makes you feel fresh, energetic and alive! Moderate consumption of coffee can increase your metabolic rate.

  • Milk

8 metabolism boosters

 Milk has calcium. Calcium burns fats. So drink milk to burn fats. Simple as that!

  •  Whole grain

8 metabolism boosters

When breaking down processed-grain, the body requires a lot of energy. This in turn, burns a lot of extra fat. So have more of brown rice. It is rich in fiber and oats.

  • Chillies

8 metabolism boosters

Chillies have a natural chemical that can boost your metabolism high. Cooking food with spicy chillies or chilly powder can burn your excess fats to a great extent.

  •  Lentils

metabolism boosters

Lentils are rich in iron. Deficiency of iron does no good for burning calories. So to get that perfect waistline, a daily cup of lentils will be good.

  • Meat

8 metabolism boosters

Meat is loaded with iron which kicks your metabolism. Fortified lean meat, chicken and the like will do wonders to excite your metabolism.