8 Reasons why Psychopaths are better than us!

8 reasons why psycholpaths are better than us

Feeling like a psychopath off late? Get yourself diagnosed. If it turns out, you are suffering from some sort of disorder. Here are a few advantages of being a psychopath that will instantly make you feel ten times luckier.


Good looks

Most of the people have asymmetrical faces. The more testosterone flows through your body, the more even your features are.
Psychopaths have more testosterone flowing through their bodies, therefore, making their features more even and better than the rest.
A study suggests, not only are they better-looking, they are also better dressers.


Understand people better

They can read and understand people better. They probe deeper and observe the little details other people usually tend to overlook. Through small changes in people’s facial expressions, they can decipher their vulnerabilities, and emotions of fear and anxiety. Mostly weaker emotions that can be used to get leverage over people.


If you can’t take pressure, you aren’t a psychopath

Psychopaths don’t break under stress. They can take large amounts of pressure, and still accomplish their pre-determined goals.
Psychopaths do not release stress hormones, so toiling is no big deal for them.
They don’t waste time, don’t keep work pending for later, they take better decisions under stress and can adjust to different levels of pressure.



Psychopaths have greater imagination, imagination that takes them everywhere. Because of their absolutely different yet unique perspective towards life, they are likely to be even more creative than the others.
Their non-conformism paves the way to act and speak through their creative works as they find it difficult to explain their conditions with the use of words.


Hold engaging social intercourses

8 reasons why psychopaths are better than us

Psychopaths are appealing. Not only because they dress better and their features are more symmetrical, but also because they are better at holding conversations than the rest.
The fact that they read people better help them to hold conversations that will engage and charm the person he/she is talking to.


Excel in other fields too

Better businessmen because – they can read, understand and persuade people, spot their vulnerabilities and influence them at their own convenience.
Psychopaths lack conscience, compassion and empathy. Therefore, it is easier for them to mercilessly kill people or confidently save the lives of people. So not only do they make better businessmen, but also better warriors and surgeons too.



Psychopaths are secretive in the sense that not only are their ulterior motives hidden from the rest, they are also very good at keeping the fact that they are psychopaths a secret.


Psychopaths breed psychopaths

Psychopathy is a result of both environmental factors as well as genetic.
But psychopaths are more likely to give birth to more psychopaths, that is, their child will have high chances of sharing the disorder they have, or a milder or stronger version of it.


Either way, I’m sure you have realized by now, after going through this post, that being a psychopath is not a disadvantage at all.


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