How to Make an Aries Man Jealous?

It is common knowledge that the Aries man gets jealous very easily. And is highly possessive of the woman he loves. You didn’t know that? He has never been like that to you? Have you been paying attention? Sure, he doesn’t show that he’s jealous. He would never give anyone the satisfaction that they got to him. But if you pay attention you can tell it’s there. Been through a breakup? Want to get him back? Or want to make your Aries boyfriend pay more attention to you? Whatever your reason for making your Aries man jealous is, here are the answers you need. Keep reading for everything you need to know about making an Aries Man jealous!

Are Aries Men jealous and possessive?

Are Aries Men Jealous and Possessive?

Oh yes, most definitely they are! You would probably think what reason does he have to be jealous? He seems so confident and cocky about everything he says and does. Can anyone ever make him jealous? Behind that confident exterior is an insecure man. Aries men are quick to feel bad about themselves. Especially if the people around them, the ones they love, don’t appreciate them enough. Or worse still, appreciate someone else more than them.

He’s very possessive of the woman he loves. So, her showing interest in someone else will make him jealous. Even if you don’t show interest in him, that is sure to piss him off. If his needs are not being fulfilled that is another reason for him to be jealous. Because the first instinct of an Aries male is that he is being cheated on. In fact, that’s how all Aries react to most of the things that go wrong with their relationship.

His competitive spirit is a boon and a bane. He will focus on himself so that he’s better than all the men around him. But if he is upstaged, by anyone, that hurts his ego very badly.

What Can You Do to Make the Aries Man Jealous?

So, yes, it can be done. And very easily too. But how exactly do you go about making the Aries man jealous? It has to be a very good balance. If you overstep your bounds, he will be the first one to leave. And never come back. You know how to attract the Aries man, here’s how you can make him jealous:

  1. Show interest in other men. Celebrity, friend, colleague, any man would do. The very fact that you can so much as talk about another man with a keen interest make him very jealous. All the women dating the Aries male know how careful they have to be not to show any kind of interest in another man. Just don’t go overboard with it or he’ll feel like you don’t love him anymore.
  2. Reject his dominance in the relationship.   Aries are very particular about being the dominant figure in the relationship. And usually, women just accept it how it is. But if you want to make him jealous then object to his authority. His mind will most certainly swirl to being upstaged. Remember how he feels about being upstaged?
  3. Do something he’s bad at, but better. You might be his girlfriend but he still will get jealous of someone who is better than him. Sure, if you present the action in a positive light, he won’t mind the help. But if you make it known that you realise you are better than him at something, that will bother him.
  4. Put him at the end of your priority list. Aries men have to be on everyone’s priority list. When it comes to the woman they love, he should be number one on the list. Take that away from him and you get a man who starts wondering who took his place? Or what did he do wrong to deserve this treatment? He can get very good at introspection during times like these.
  5. Choose another company over his. What? Now you don’t want to spend time with him either? Is that how bad things are between the two of you? These questions will keep eating him up. And he will be so jealous of the people you choose over him. What is it that they have which you don’t?
  6. Talk to him in a ‘couldn’t care less’ manner. The final nail in the coffin is when you don’t even talk to him energetically. The Aries are very careful about the tone in which they talk to people. And the tone others use while talking to them. If you don’t seem happy to hear his voice, that will definitely put him off.

How the Aries Man Shows Jealousy?

 signs an aries man is jealous

 What are the signs that show that the Aries male is jealous? When do you know that your plan worked? How do Aries act when they are jealous? Here’s how! He becomes snobbish. Whatever you throw at him he will throw right back at you. If you don’t seem happy about talking to him, he gets no joy about it either. He wants you to know what it feels like when someone does that to you. There will be more fights. He’s filled with emotions right now. Jealousy, which led to anger, which led to pain. All of this makes him cranky. Now he won’t tell you that he’s jealous, so, his outlet will be fighting.

He’ll have sleepless nights. It really hurts an Aries, male or female, when their loved one doesn’t care for them anymore. So much that it starts to affect their daily functioning. If you find him tossing and turning on the bed for nights on end, know that something’s on his mind. He will top sharing things with you. If you are making him jealous then you are not worthy of his trust. Which means he will keep you out of all that’s happening in his life. He will be more cheerful around others. The Aries male will make you feel like life is a lot better without you. He too will spend more time with his friends than with you. Laugh more loudly in their company. While crying on the inside.

Making an Aries Man Jealous After Breakup: Will it Make Him Come Back?

While it might not make him come back, it most certainly will get you his attention. If you can work it out from there then he is yours certainly. But this will have an effect only if he likes you. So, how do you get the Aries man back? Start by reinventing yourself. Show to him the side he never knew before. This change in you will peak his attention like a shiny object. He will forget what happened in the past out of the curiosity of getting to know this new person.

If he gets in touch with you, take time to respond. The more desperate you seem about getting back together, the lesser interested he would be. Make him wait. Make him hurt with impatience. Keep the conversation light when you do talk to him. Don’t talk about the emotions that have ruled you since the breakup. Don’t even discuss any other drama in your life.

Act like he doesn’t even matter anymore. The worse that you can do to him is acting as nothing happened. Like his actions has no consequences. Do you know what hurts at Aries guy more than anything? It’s the feeling that they didn’t matter in the first place.


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