Coolest Moms of B-Town

twinke khanna

While they might not be very good at texting or using social media, moms still know best when it comes to handling you. No matter how many times life breaks you down, your mom will always be there to support you and to guide you. Being a successful celebrity mother means a mom has to play both the roles flawlessly. Bollywood has many amazing moms who are raising their kids best. Let’s see who the coolest moms of B-Town are:


From innocent Simran of DDLJ to mischievous mom of Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, Kajol can do justice to any role. The talented actress is also a social activist and an exceptionally good mom too. She believes that disciplining children is crucial and she tells that it makes her proud of the fact that her children, Nysa and Yug listen to 70 % of the things that she says. She said motherhood is ‘fab’ and she considers her kids responsible for bringing out the best in her.

Twinkle Khanna:

Daughter of Rajesh Khanna and wife of Akshay Kumar, the actress managed to win hearts of many. Her acting career was short term and she left the industry after her marriage. She is an interior designer, a newspaper columnist and a proud mother of Nitara and Aarav. Het twitter account shows that she is a cool mom and lets her kids live a normal life. She once posted a photo of her daughter, Nitara painting nails of her father, Akshay. The actress surely is a cool mom and lets her children behave like normal kids.


Despite having a tough childhood, she made sure her daughters have the best childhood. She is not a very strict parent and lets her children live according to their own rules. She says that she taught them to be polite and she says that her children are very humble. So, when it comes to fun, she lets her kids have a great time but when it comes to teaching those manners, she acts like a responsible mother.

Malaika Arora:

The style icon, Malaika Arora is the most stylish and charming lady yet a great mother. She is doing parenting right as she says that she completely believes in giving her children freedom and not restricting them unnecessarily. Once in an interview, she told that she is not in a hurry to plan things for her child, Arhaan and when he grows up, he will decide what he wants to do by himself. This exhibits that she is confident that her right upbringing won’t let her kid go astray.

Kiran Rao:

The sweetest mom of Bollywood and wife of Amir Khan wants her son, Azad to have a normal and carefree childhood. She says that she is not a perfect mom but she surely tries to ensure that her kid grows up right. She is a positive person and believes to move on and not cry over spilt milk. She says one must ignore what went wrong and must focus on what went right.







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