How to appear confident without makeup?

How to appear confident without makeup?

People think girls apply makeup to hide their flaws and imperfections, to show what they aren’t. That being said, makeup is a way of expression, a medium through which we showcase our creativity. But there are times when not even makeup can pick our mood up. At such times, we want the earth to open up and swallow us whole. All of us have had such times and will face it again in the future. Womennow shares five tips with you to lift your confidence.

  • I can

You are your best friend. Start your day with positivity. When you feel like crawling under the covers and hiding yourself, look in the mirror and say, ‘I Can do it and I will.’ Your face will automatically lit up with a smile and you will feel your happy self throughout the day. Affirmations will change your attitude for good. Read these traits a confident female has!

  • Note down your awesome side

When stormy days engulf you and you feel you are not worthy of anything, nobody likes you and you are a failure, take a deep breath. Get your ass on the floor with a paper and a pen and note down whatever you are good at. Write down everything that makes you who you are. Are you good at making others laugh? Running? Playing chess? Writing about your amazing side on a paper will serve not as a mere thought but as a concrete evidence about all things great about you.

  • Consider everybody as your friend

Control your mind or it will control you. The mind is a powerful tool and can be one heck of a master if you let it be. Feed positive thoughts in your mind and it will make you see things positively. Before you enter a room, don’t make up your mind that people are not worth talking to, they have low opinions of you and you will never meet someone genius. Tell your mind that whoever is in the room you are going to enter is your friend and you are going to have a fun time with them. Plant these seeds of happiness so your mind processes it and gives you equal output.

  • Make good friends

Your friends play  a major role in deciding your personality. If you befriend people who are judgemental and have negative, hateful opinion about everything and everyone, you will also become one of those criticizers. Surround yourself with positive people. Find traits in people that you would want to imbibe in yourself and get close to them. A man is known by the company he keeps so if your company consists of nice confident pals, you will automatically be confident. Read to know how to make great friends!

  • Have faith in yourself

In this sophisticated social media world where everyone is posting happy pictures and talking about how successful they have become, how busy they are and how gala their evening was, you are obliged to feel bad for yourself. In such situations, you cannot shut yourself from the much needed digital world because it is like a virus that grows in you and takes control of your life. But you can do something to lift your spirits. Practice your hobby every day. Take thirty minutes of your time and do what you love. It will get you going without letting distressing thoughts enter your mind. Don’t forget you are entitled to happiness as much as the person sitting next to you. So have faith in yourself. No amount of makeup will help you feel as better as believing in yourself.