Effective ways to deal with your envious side

Effective ways to deal with your envious side

Envy is a green eyed monster that we all deal with. Everybody envies something but if the politics of envy spreads on a larger scale inside your minds, then it can be destructive. A research has shown that we tend to envy different things at different age. The research says that in our youth we envy romance and good looks while in our older ages we envy wealth and successful family lives.

In this article we will tell you how to grab control over your envious side. Here we go!



No wonder why it is said that ignorance is bliss. And yes, your ignorance can help bring you stability if the growths of jealous and envious stems seem not to pause inside of you. Feelings of envy can arise anywhere today. For example, in your workplace, family, friendships or relationships, if you do not know how to deal with it then it brings along tons of stress. You should try and find out the situations that make you enter into an envious mode and thereon, selectively ignore them.



Making comparison is indeed one of the main reasons behind destruction of one’s inner peace and happiness. Therefore, do not be a comparison junkie and try fostering a nature of humility inside of you. By doing so, you will plant a sense of admiration in your mind which will help you appreciate other people’s growth and prosperity instead of transforming them into envy and jealousy. So, avoid comparisons and begin practicing the art of appreciation.



Effective ways to deal with your envious side

Self-reliance is one of the best medicines for treating your green eyed monster. People, who have achieved self-reliance in their lives, do not bring envy to destroy their sanity. If you are self-assured, you will know what you should buy from your external environment and what you should disregard. Self-reliance will bring you inner peace and self-exploration that will stop you from falling prey to an illusion driven reality.



We are living in information and technology oriented era and we all know that social media and our representations on this digital platforms play an important role in our lives. What we need to realize is that just because your timeline is filled with feed where your friends are travelling to exotic locations, partying in the coolest clubs or dining at expensive restaurants, you need not fall in that delusion  that everybody is experiencing a better life than you. You need to respect you existence and understand that an exuberant social life does not depict anything valuable in the offline world.



Effective ways to deal with your envious side

Going by what society terms as success, you will never be true to yourself or happy from within. Therefore, set your own definitions of success and abide by it. Don’t let others life cause an impact on yours. Understand that it is nearly impossible for someone to have everything perfect. Everybody makes their own sacrifices and everybody undergoes their own piece of struggle.


Envy can turn your life upside down and hence, one must know how to grab control over it. Envy stops the progress of your mind and disturbs your pacific environment. Try and analyze the situations where you feel envious, write down how you feel as this will help you in dealing with negative emotions. Most importantly, forgive others and yourself and try not to hold grudges against someone for silly reasons.

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