Elderberry- A Natural Remedy to Prevent Flu

Cough, flu and cold are all common with winters. It is a norm in Indian society to avoid medication for flu because in 2-3 days it goes away naturally. Herbal treatment is often recommended to prevent and beat ailments linked to chilled weather. These include cold, flu, throat sore, inflamed intestines and lot more.

Elderberry is purple black fruit that needs hedges and moist places for appropriate growth. It is commonly found in North America and European countries. It has great many medicinal applications because it is an immune booster and also acts as an antioxidant. Easily available in India, black elderberry is also used in several ayurvedic treatments.

You may get elderberry syrup from pharmacy or online but it will cost you more than preparing at home. Kids would love the taste of freshly made syrup and their bad case of flu will be fixed with ease.

Let me tell you how to make this inexpensive and effective elderberry syrup for speedy recovery from flu.

Ingredients you need:

  • Dried black elderberries (two-third cup)
  • Dried or fresh ginger root (two tablespoons)
  • Cinnamon powder (one teaspoon)
  • Few cloves or Clove powder (half teaspoon)
  • Raw honey (one cup)
  • Water (3.5 cups)

Instructions to Follow:

  • Take 3.5 cups of water in medium saucepan and add elderberries, clove powder, ginger and cinnamon.
  • As the water boils, cover it and allow it to simmer until reduced to nearly half. It will take about 45 minutes to one hour, not more.
  • Remove from stove and let it cool until handled easily.
  • Strain the liquid and pour in the glass bowl
  • As the mixture cools, add one cup of raw honey and stir it well.
  • After well mixing of honey into elderberry mix, pour the syrup into glass jar.

Here you go, your black elderberry syrup is ready to use. Take it daily to boost your immune system against seasonal cold, cough and flu. For longer use, you can keep it in the refrigerator. But, I suggest you to use it fresh if possible.

Suggested Dosage:

One tablespoon, once a day is workable for adults to prevent cold and flu. But, to cure the flu that just hit you and on its peak, it is recommended to take one tablespoon of this syrup at the interval of 2-3 hours every day. Continue the dosage until flu disappears completely

For kids, half to one teaspoon once a day will be enough.

Additional tip: Do not wait for flu to attack you and your family, keep your health safety on high alert at all times. Let me tell you my secret to this. I use this delicious syrup as topping on my homemade waffles and pancakes. My son love pancakes and hence I am successfully capable to save him from winter flu.

Try this recipe and it will surely save you from a lot many ailments. I am convinced with the powerful effects of black elderberry syrup as it keeps my cold to minimum.


Above all, you must start to take protective measures against the approaching winters.

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