Faux Fudgey Truffles – Recipe by Dr. Rhea

 Faux Fudgey Truffles - Recipe by Dr. Rhea

Desserts shouldn’t make you feel guilty. They may be sweeter than the rest of your day’s meals, but hey! That’s why they call it dessert. What we don’t want, though, is a spike in sugar. Because that’s usually followed by a crash. My raw vegan balls are rich in flavour and experience. They’re also balanced nutritionally so you will feel a burst of energy and feel good feelings that will last you a long time, thanks to our friends protein and good fat. Whether you enjoy a ball as a dessert, weekend breakfast treat or a late afternoon snack, this dessert has got you covered in health, taste and energy.




2 cups almonds or walnuts, pre-soaked 8 hours
2 tbsp hemp seeds
2 tbsp coconut oil
2 tbsp raw cacao
1 tsp chia seeds
1-2 tbsp almond butter
2 tbsp goji berries, pre-soaked 10 minutes
2 tbsp black currants
2 tbsp maple syrup, pinch stevia or 1-2 tbsp xylitol sweetener
2 tbsp shredded coconut
¼ tsp ground cinnamon, vanilla, cardamom, fennel
pinch sea salt and cayenne


Tips and Techniques


  • Swap the sweetener entirely with 1 ripe banana, or 1/2 ripe banana + 1/2 avocado for a whole food experience
  • For a sugar-free or low sugar version, use green stevia or xylitol, a sugar alcohol
  • This dessert tastes equally as good when made with seeds, like sunflower or pumpkin!
  • For a stimulant-free version, use carob powder in place of cacao


Why I Love My Recipe


I appreciate sweets, but I really don’t like feeling low and simultaneously craving more after just a few bites. This is why I really stress macronutrient balance. That is, a healthy balance of good fat, protein and carbs. My raw truffles give me long-lasting energy and satisfy my sweet tooth. Because they’re so dense and full of protein and good fat, they makes you full quickly and keep you from wanting to eat more and more, which is what often happens when desserts are sugar-heavy.


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