Going bra-free: This might be a better option!

Bras – You might love them or hate them but you cannot simply get rid of them. Since antiquity and till the doom’s day, we had been having and will continue to have a comfortable-painful relationship with our bras.

Going bra-free: This might be a better option!

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Who doesn’t wish to flaunt her assets while she is out and who doesn’t crave to escape the boob jail as soon as she gets home! There’s no denial from the fact that these elegant undergarments are the ultimate check to one’s femininity but you might not be knowing that ditching them has its own perks too.


  • Wearing bras might make your breasts saggy


It’s as hard to believe as dinosaurs exist still today! But take a moment to read out the real reason behind this fact. A long-running French study has proven that bras, in the long run, are most likely to make breasts lose their shape over time. The bra supports them but also puts excessive pressure and weakens the muscles in the chest, making the breasts droop. All your assumptions which say that not wearing bras would make your breasts sag and lose their perkiness must have now turned upside down.


  • Blood circulation improves while you’re bra-free

Going bra-free: This might be a better option!

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Your bras tighten and squeeze your breasts making them look firm from the outside but can also slow and impede your circulation by compressing your major blood vessels. Had you ever given it a thought that these pretty undergarments might be causing such a negative effect on your health! Adopting a bra-free routine would help the blood flow freely, and might boost your energy as well.


  • Your sleep and wake-up cycle will run on track


Now you would say that you don’t wear your bras at night. But the discomfort won’t cease even if you don’t don them while sleeping as they may be wreaking havoc from afar by impacting your circadian rhythms, as demonstrated by a study.


  • Your breasts would become healthier now


Bras are not normally risky to health unless they don’t fit you well. If you’re bra is not of the perfect size, it may cause rib pain, shortness of breath, and other medical complaints. Going bra-less would improve the health of your skin and muscles as blood flow improves, muscle tone tightens, and sweat and dirt are no longer trapped against the skin by material that doesn’t breathe.


  • You’ll feel more comfortable this way

Going bra-free: This might be a better option!

Instagram Account: indian.skin

And this statement doesn’t need any proof. We all have experienced the sense of relief that comes with getting rid of the boob jail at the end of a long hectic day. That level of comfort is totally worth ditching your bras. I guess this alone is a reason, concrete enough to make you bid a goodbye to them at this very moment.


  • You might gain a cup size


When you let your breasts hang naturally, the pectoral muscles are forced to work and resist gravity making the muscles get firmed-up and the chest look bigger and fuller overall. No need to wear those push-up bras anymore to get that instant cleavage!


  • Saving money comes as the cherry on the top


Those things hidden underneath the dresses might actually be more expensive than anything you’re wearing outside. We’re not asking you to ditch the bras forever but getting less addicted to them will surely help you cut down on the money you spend over them. Undergarments are the basic human need, true. But if taking them off every now and then serves us with these much perks, why not try it ladies!



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