How to handle an emotionally unavailable boyfriend?

How to handle an emotionally unavailable boyfriend?


The one thing that is most unpredictable in a relationship is communication gaps, boredom, emotional distance, which further leads to unhappy relationships and consequent breaking apart. To understand the differences in these complexities, we should try and look at them from a modern aspect. Relationships these days are vents and outlets. People don’t want to be alone, people don’t want to spend an evening at the local motel watching a movie, which is why they turn to relationships. They hardly know themselves, or their expectations out of relationships and they are mostly unaware of their own potential and their partner’s, which is why most relationships are going down the drain these days.

Where we are going wrong:

  • To understand the stability and the graph of the relationship, both your boyfriend and you need to communicate.
  • Talk about the smallest things in life. About what you would want to do on a quiet winter morning, about your passion and dreams, about the little things that matter to you and anything that affects you.
  • See if your partner reciprocates and look at him/her sharing aspects of their lives. Be with him/her if she or he is passionate about life, has a goal and purpose, and loves you just as you are, even on bad days.

What we need to understand:

  • If you think your relationship is not making it through the hurdles, think about circumstances, re-evaluate your position and discuss where exactly you both are lacking in.
  • There must be something that can be done about it, so give it a chance. Sometimes holding on to people can do wonders. After all, a relation is for a lifetime and there can be nothing greater than a promise made.

Some other alternatives:

  • Sometimes people get bored. Just so you know, boredom is a disease, but it’s incurable. It’s almost like diabetes.  You know you are suffering, but then, you can’t do anything about it. It stays and it grows like a weed in the relationship. So if that is happening to your relationship, you better quit, because its time. If you feel worse about yourself, being with your boyfriend, it’s time you should consider quitting!
  • Sometimes you aren’t just happy. The other person isn’t giving enough efforts and you are becoming lonelier by the day. He/she is not serious about you and doesn’t have enough time for you, but has time for all other things under the sky. This person is selfish and you better chuck him/her out of your life before tragedy strikes. If you are dealing with constant avoidance by your boyfriend, you need to read this!
  • The key to happiness is to understand each other and keep each other happy. Remember why you love your man, and that’s enough to keep him for all the coming years. Men, remember the days she was absolutely charming and swept you off your feet, and you will forgive her even if she has done something. After all, it’s all about love and its whims, and what’s love if there are no ups and downs !
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