Do introverts have a healthy relationship?

Do introverts have a happy relationship?


An introvert does not venture out in the world to meet a lot of people. He or she isn’t interactive, which makes it difficult for them to know people, and often distant and unapproachable. Their preferences would be reading at a library rather than partying; so chances are that they don’t meet outgoing people, and they often don’t stand a chance to meet their dream life partner to get settled in life.

But that doesn’t mean that an introvert is incapable of communication. Introverts don’t like small talk. They believe in a continuous conversation exchange with someone who is at par with their intelligence. They are the smarter people who spend most of their time doing something productive, instead of lamely wasting time. Introverts have a better understanding of scenario, but they almost have zero practical skills.

  • Introverts can also be outgoing

    Do introverts have a healthy relationship?

    The person is definitely well read, he/she will have in-depth knowledge about anything you want to hear, from fairy tales to politics. They are smart enough to keep a conversation rolling and in all most all probabilities they hate small talk. If you get to know an introvert, chances are that she/he will become completely comfortable with you and talk nine to dozens.There might be other chances that the person is shy, but wait for the person to open up. The geek that you know externally will transform magically into an outgoing person and probably will gift you with the best gift: healthy conversations.

  • They also tend to be withdrawn

    Do introverts have a healthy relationship?

    She/ he may be withdrawn, may not open up in due course of time, and there may be communication gaps between the two of you. Also, there are chances, that because you are open and outgoing, she / he may not like your ways of talking and exposure. There are chances of a rift. Also, because introverts like to live alone, they are secure with their own company and they might absolutely not miss you. You might feel left out and there might be fallout.

  • There is more to an introvert

    The geeks are undoubtedly the best people to rely on and they need support and understanding. They approve of all the little things you do for them. They are happy if you devote time and energy to the relationship. They can take you to places and captivate your heart with lovely stories. Beautiful and imaginative by nature, they are the most creative and supportive people you will meet. Unselfish and understanding, every introvert has a world of their own. It’s only that they are an all new supernova waiting to be discovered!

So don’t jump into conclusions the next time you meet a geek and nerd. Probably he/ she will be the most romantic person, and will sweep you off your wildest senses!


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