My Health Affair With Chocolate


I cannot possibly think of a single person who can resist the chocolate temptation. It is a hot favourite as well as a source of sheer delight not only among kids, but older people too. Owing to its low glycemic index and other health benefits, dark chocolate as compared to any other variety is categorized as a super food. However, it is to be borne in mind that it should contain at least 70% cocoa for you to be able to reap its maximum benefits. A sinful indulgence, nonetheless, the taste and texture some believe, takes you closer to an orgasm!

Stress Buster:

Sugar and caffeine in chocolate potentially raise sugar levels in blood. Mood swings, anxiety, irritation and fatigue hormonal changes before and during the menstrual cycle and also between meals are indications of low blood sugar in the blood. Chocolate is said to release “good feeling” hormones thereby acting acts as a stress buster. Being an essentially comfort food, chocolate helps deal with emotional issues, depression as well as a low- self esteem. Scientists claims that chocolate consumption can become an addiction. It induces sensations that comes closer to the pleasure triggered when a person is in love.

Combats Heart Diseases:

A Swedish study has proved that women who consumed dark chocolates (one- two servings per week) chocolates showed lower chances of developing cardio- vascular diseases and strokes. High fat content in chocolates loaded with milk and sugar does more bad than good, contributing to an overall increase in weight.

Aids Weight loss:

Consumption of dark chocolates coupled with exercise can aid weight loss. A balanced proportion is the key after all. Dark chocolates satiates more than its lighter variety, lessening your craving for junks.

Beauty Benefits:

Women tend to spend huge amounts on beauty products. Not many are aware of the amazing skin benefits that dark chocolate has to offer. Chocolate is packed with powerful anti- oxidants which are responsible fighting damage from free radicals. Free radicals accelerate the process of ageing and make skin dull. A combination of caffeine and chocolate can act as an excellent detoxifier. Infusing chocolate in face packs can smoothen out skin by removing dead cells, allowing fresh skin to breathe.
Owing to its anti- inflammatory properties, chocolate protects scalp infections. It amazingly nourishes and makes your locks shinier. it improves the overall health of your tresses making them super gorgeous and voluminous.

Healthier Kids:

Women who consumed chocolates during pregnancy are able to handle stress better than those who don’t. According to a Finnish study, kids indulging in a healthier portion of chocolates reportedly appear more happier and less crankier.

Sun Protection:

A London based study reveals that dark chocolate has the power to minimise redness which results from sun burns. Hence, chocolate can act as a skin protecting agent against harmful UV rays and skin cancer.

Increased Responsiveness:

Flavanol- rich chocolate has proven benefits to the brain, increasing blood flow and thereby, triggering alertness, cognitive skills and work output, researchers at a University of Nottingham found. The effect lasts for nearly 2- 3 hours.


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