Organic makeup brands popular in India

Today’s Indian women firmly believe in celebrating the spirit of womanhood. Nurtured, glowing and well-behaved facial skin plays a pivotal role in boosting women’s confidence. For this reason, they start relying on cosmetics passionately like organic makeup.

Organic makeup brands popular in India

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Irrespective of whether it’s your face or any other body part, skin is the most sensitive part. Cosmetics if not chosen according to your skin type and tone may result in causing skin reactions and rashes. Reckoning the forfeits of excessive and prolonged use of regular makeup brands may not be an easy way to go for women and the young girls in particular.

The best solution is to put on organic makeup brands in India. Out of the endless options, below listed will be the best organic makeup brands in India tags for you.


  1. Clinique:

Organic makeup brands popular in India

Is Clinique organic? Yes! Clinique is world’s first ever brand developed by dermatologists. Its allergy free and also 100 percent pure of fragrance. No matter how sensitive your skin is, Clinique products deliver the finest blend of ingredients for all skins types and tones. It helps fighting the skin problems like pigmentation and ageing etc.

Clinique face powder is quite popularly used by Indian women. Its mineral based and no preservative is mixed means it’s organic face powder and free of any oil, talc or fragrance. You can get it in the compact form too. Prices are fair enough for the high-end performance offered by Clinique products.

  1. The Body Shop

Organic makeup brands popular in India

For your oily skin, ‘Nature’s Minerals Foundation SPF 25’ from the house of ‘The Body Shop’ is the best choice. Because it contains Mediterranean and Kaolin clay. These mixed clays will not only help soaking up excessive oil from your skin, but will also give the medium coverage to your skin with very light feeling.

Cold-pressed olive oil and pure minerals are the two main ingredients of the Body Shop’s foundations of all types (liquid, powder and compact).  For the superior quality, I recommend you using The Body Shop cosmetics fully capable of delivering a luxurious experience.

  1. Sheer Cover:

Organic makeup brands popular in India

Select the right shade with Sheer Cover and there you go with 100% skin friendly minerals.  Your delicate skin is all safe with Sheer Cover’s products (foundation, concealer, base perfector primer etc) are gentle and gives a soothing feel on skin.

The antioxidants contained in Sheer Cover products aids in preventing aging and keep your skin healthy for long.

  1. Himalaya Herbals:

Himalaya Herbals is the most commonly used organic brand in India. It offers a wide range of organic products including hair care to makeup, skin care and oral care etc. None of the organic brands ever offered that huge pile of mineral based products. The best thing I appreciate the most about this brand is that it’s extremely economical. Use it and you will start loving your mild and gentle skin.

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  1. Avon:

Organic makeup brands popular in India

Avon is definitely the company for women around the world. Made of pure mineral pigments, its foundation is an ideal entity for the novice ladies who wants to try out organic makeup. Do not worry, if you have sensitive skin, Avon foundation knows how to take care of it. Just give it a try and take pleasure in natural luminous skin tone. Its makeup consultants recommended brand offering organic based products.

  1. L’Oreal Paris:

Organic makeup brands popular in India

L’Oreal is a world famous glamorous brand for hair care to skin care products. Indian celebs endorse it and hence, its craze is quite visible in Indian women too. Now its organic makeup range is also available on the market. L’Oreal’s True Match Foundation contains 95% minerals and is dermatologically tested. With no preservative and perfume, it gives a natural look and outstanding coverage without caking.


A drastic change has been witnessed in the ‘once-upon-a-time’ limited organic cosmetics industry in the past few years. Indeed a good happening, but its requisite for you visiting the right counter to get the trusty skin benefactor sufficing your skin needs.

Don’t bottle up and treat yourself with the finest combination of organic makeup brands.

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