Quick guide for smart bride spending!

Quick guide for smart bride spending!

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Every Indian girl dreams of a Bollywood-style crispy wedding. The gala events, the scintillating lehangas, the luscious décor and all of the glitz and glamour is what most girls’ dream of a wedding. But trying to make this dream come true can actually make you and your parents burn a hole in the pockets. Especially in the prevailing market situations, it is very difficult to make up to a Bollywood style dream wedding.

Well! You don’t have to worry if you have possessed this dream for long as we have come up with ways in which you can smartly cut costs and yet make your dream wedding come true. But before that you need to realize that the most important thing about your wedding should and must be the happy memories instead of striking a high-class wedding to gain some momentary appreciation.



Quick guide for smart bride spending!

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Budgeting is a very important thing if you wish to have every brick in place in your wedding. Budget is the key to not let money bulge out of control. As soon as your wedding date is confirmed, fix a budget months ahead. Jot down all your costs whether it is the venue cost or the catering cost. Set meetings with the concerned people and discuss the budget with them. Ask them that how they can provide the best with the budget in hand.



This would suggestively be a wise option as with a destination wedding, the guest lists becomes very manageable. People generally assume that destinations wedding would spiral out a huge chunk of money but the truth is that there are plenty of low-cost resorts that offer you exotic views and greats services. The good news is that in India, the small towns are extremely scenic and beautiful looking and resorts in small towns will be 60% cheaper than the big cities even if you include the travelling expenses. An even smarter approach would be to book the resort on off season.



Quick guide for smart bride spending!

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Those high-priced five star hotels can be tempting but don’t forget that if you do your research ardently, you will come across thousands of places that offer you great service at an affordable range. In metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, plenty of banquet halls can be found that gives you a great deal. These deals will take care of full-service facilities that would include lighting, food, decorations etc.




Catering is a part of wedding that will require ample attention from you if you really want hands down cost reduction in your wedding. Cut down unnecessary starters from your list and limit the options. Limit the options to five vegetarian and five non-vegetarian dishes. This will also improve the quality of food. Instead of Indian sweets, opt for western deserts as they do not require khoya, ghee and other costly ingredients in making. Chinese menu could also save a lot as they are far cheaper than Indian.



Quick guide for smart bride spending!

Instagram Account: wellgrooomedinc

Yes! Instead of setting the stage and all the heavy lighting for three to four continuous days, plan the functions for a day and make it big. This will reduce a lot of cost. Cut down on some events and have one big function with good décor and some great delicious food.


To conclude, I would just like to say that instead of trying to match with the Bansals or Oberois, plan your wedding on your own terms and be yourself. All you need to focus on is to have ultimate fun on the D-day!



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