Real Life facts of actual Couples

Try the dance floor

I often dance with my better half. We don’t need a special place to dance. We can turn any place into a dance floor whenever we are in isolation, be it the bedroom or the kitchen. Whenever she is cooking something in the kitchen, I get behind her, wrap my arms around her, and started the magical humming that will draw her to me and make our bond stronger.

Spare some time for each other

“My husband has a habit to get up early in the morning round about 05:30 am. When he gets up, I don’t stay in the bed too. Instead, I make tea for him while he takes a bath. I prepare for this morning special hour the previous night regularly, such as have tea, sugar, and skimmed milk in place ready to grab. I just need to heat up water and pour it in the cups. We then enjoy hot tea on cool mornings, and talk of random things about the previous day or so. This might look petty, but it allows us to sit for about 5 more hours per week! We have some warm time together talking about little things to start our day.”

Open the Fight box

This is rather a useful technique for ending up fights. Get a wooden box first. Both of you may design a box at the time you wed each other. Write love letters to each other whenever the emotion surges and put those letters in the box and lock it afterwards. Whenever you fight with each other, both of you open the box, and take letters from the box, and then read them. It gives you a chance to be cool and patch up the matters soon. The letters will bring the love back and warm your hearts.

Leaving notes

Real Life facts of actual Couples

“He gets up and leaves for office early in the morning, while I am asleep. I work in the night shifts, so I sleep late, and it’s not possible for me to get up early. To solve the matter, we have found a trick. Whenever I come back at night, I leave him small notes near the coffee place, and then he reads them in the morning. He too replies sometimes, but often he makes coffee for me in return. This is a tiny communication habit that ties us closer and we can often say sweet words secretly.”

Take care of the old aged

“It is a great gift, if you take your father-in-law or your mother-in-law for a lunch or a dinner outside. My wife is so busy in looking after me and the kids, that she may not be able to take care of her parents to the extent they deserve, so I share her burden. Her parents love it too and this makes a softer corner in her heart for me. Something that will last a long long time.”

Enjoy TV shows in a common couch

“We watch our favourite TV shows sitting side by side. The main idea behind is that it lets us know many new topics, on which we can debate for quite a period of time. These impersonal topics keep conflicts away and we have a lot to talk about other than ourselves.”

Put aside the cell phone

Real Life facts of actual Couples

“As a businessman, it is not easy for me to leave my cell phone for quite a time, but I do it regularly, just to show her that I am attentive towards her. I notice that this trick goes great. When I put my cell aside, she is a lot more conversational, and a lot gladder.”

Trip to the kitchen

“We spend about an hour together in the kitchen. That is when we are cooking dinner. In routine, she is the one to cook meat or boil vegetables, while I am the one responsible for salads. At weekends, we swap our roles. That is really great fun!”

Pay your devotion

Real Life facts of actual Couples

“Sometimes it happens that all he wants from me is to listen to him and nothing else. He is a businessman, and is often in an attempt to launch new products for the business. Whenever he has some plans, he shares it with me. And this is the time, when I listen to him. My act makes him feel that he is ready to launch the proposed product. He becomes confident of his intentions. It doesn’t take much from me as I just have to be patient and listen to him.”

Things the other partner loves

“I get her the things she likes a lot. I came to know recently that she loves Strawberry flavour in the ice cream. When we were in the ice cream parlour for the first time, I ordered for her favourite flavour, without asking her, and I witnessed a shy, romantic smile on her lips!”



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