Sex, Swingers, Marriage-Ira Trivedi-

Sex, Swingers, Marriage-Ira Trivedi-

Ira Trivedi wants to shock, and shock she does. The 29-year-old New Delhi native holds an MBA from Columbia University — but she has used her education not for spreadsheets and stocks but to chronicle the glitz and glamor of youth in modern India.

Her latest, and her first venture into nonfiction, India in Love: Marriage and Sexuality in the 21st Century might sound like the title of a term paper, but it’s a gritty, provocative, sexy look at how the next generation is mating and making it in India today.

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The book comes after four years of conducting nearly 600 interviews and reading reams of academic papers on marriage and sexuality in India, where much is changing. As Trivedi notes in the book, citing a study about marriage demographics, “77 percent of unmarried women think they should be able to [make] their own decisions about marriage.” Which marks a shift — not just in the thinking of young men, or wealthy women: but in the youth of India more generally. Read more: Ira Trivedi on Sex + Modern Marriage | Rising Stars | OZY


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