Toxic Relationships: Signs your relationship is never going to work!

No two relationships are equal. Each relationship has its own set of issues. Toxic relationships can suffocate you and make you question your own worth. You basically have nothing to expect from the relationship anymore because either of you are not compatible with each other. While it is too complex to analyse the problems, you can still draw some conclusions as to which signs are red flags that the relationship is never going to work. Here are a few of them that you could keep in mind if you decide to end a toxic relationship that you are in or see the common problems that might have caused you to get out of one.

Toxic Relationships: Signs your relationship is never going to work!

There is a hell lot of complaints and criticisms


Everyday can be difficult in a relationship. In fact if you so happen to be always annoyed with your partner all the time, all you will do is point it out to him how he is the root of all troubles. Rather than trying to solve the problem in the equation, all you do is point out the flaw in him. So, here there is a basic difference. Both of you have given up on the idea of solving the crises but rather concentrate more on ridiculing the other person. In the process you end up telling the other person how inferior you think of him. This does not only include your verbal attempts at putting him down but also your body language as well. [Read: 13 Adorable sayings to calm a fight with your beloved!]


You never trusted each other


This is the number one thing that has always been the problem. You just thought you loved each other without any trust in their words or actions. Plus, if either of you has cheated you will have to be willing to do a hell lot of mending in the relationship. This includes giving up on your private space for the time being so that you partner can get back to trusting you all over again. Relationships where either or both of the partners cheat either financially or sexually, are extremely toxic. [Read: 6 Reasons why your boyfriend can’t trust you!]


There is no intimacy at all


It is stupid to overlook the power of touch in a relationship. Whether sexual, or non- sexual you have to be willing to show each other how much you love every inch of them. If you refrain from intimacy, you show your contempt and hatred for the other person’ existence. This is something that is a hallmark of toxic relationships. Just having sex doesn’t guarantee a blissful relationship. But there are other ways to show your partner that you care by touching. [Read: Non- sexual touches that bond your relationship]


There are no emotional expressions


Relationships will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride. When you get cold with your partner, you emote lack of compassion and care. When you act indifferent to all that your partner does or says, you basically show that you have gone past the wish to even acknowledge each other’s existence. When you react, you show that the problems do bother you and you wish to bring about some change, but when you are in a toxic relationship, there is nothing that you seek from your partner but are waiting for it to get over as soon as possible. [Read: What is emotional intimacy in a relationship? 5 Signs to look out for!]


You have other attachments

 Toxic Relationships: Signs your relationship is never going to work!

A relationship turns toxic when the either of the people in the relationship have no interest in each other at all. In the process they start having affairs, whether emotional or physical. There is a huge lack that has been created which the other person seeks to be filled by someone else. Or else you devote your time to something else that you have long avoided and are using that to slowly cut off from your partner. Whichever way you choose to stay away from your partner, there is enough toxin being accumulated in the relationship.


You don’t want to make it better


Sometimes, no matter what problems a couple goes through, they have this latent desire to make things work nonetheless. However, if you have completely given up on each other already, then you will make no effort at all and let things worsen more to the point of no return. Unless you have the initiative to make things smoother like old days, you will never be able to even convince the other person that the problems are solvable. [Read: 6 Ways to have an absolutely happy relationship]