Turmeric tips and tricks !

different types of turmeric barks
different types of turmeric barks


Turmeric, is one of the essential ingredients that form the basic kitchen ingredients in India. It is believed to be the healer, above all! It is a very common spice with magical effect that deal with healing, anti inflammation and anti-depressant properties.

Turmeric has been recently recognised as an alternative to a lot of medical drugs. It is believed that turmeric acts as an ancient relief therapy to a number of ailments that are usually treated by chemical drugs these days for quicker response but greater side effects. Below are enlisted some of the tricks and remedies that consist of turmeric as a constituent and provide an effective alternative to a lot of chemical or drug therapies.

  • The most common home remedy, from the granny’s trunk of secrets is the healing remedy. Mix one spoon of turmeric in boiled milk and drink! If you want to add sugar you can. Gulp it all! That is it!This will help you to heal any wounds on the body and speed them up towards an early recovery.


  • Turmeric and jaggery when consumed together helps one suffering from acute pain or bleeding. This mixture is known to dissolve clotted blood. Simply make paste of jaggery and turmeric by mixing both of them. You can leave out a piece of jaggery in summers to simply melt it or heat it in a pan to soften it easily.


  • Turmeric is also believed to work wonders for facial skin. Mix 2 pinch of turmeric in one tablespoon of lemon. Add 10 drops of rose water. Simply apply this mixture over your face in an even layer. Wash after 10 minutes. It will help you enhance your complexion and refresh your skin.


  • Simply make a mixture of turmeric and water and apply it over a swollen part or skin due to some hit that hurt your body. This will help you ease out the swelling and revive normal skin.


  • Mix turmeric with a tablespoon of cucumber juice and apply over the pimple or areas affected by pimple on your face. Turmeric is anti inflammatory in nature and will help you get rid of break outs or prevent the infection from spreading.


  • If you need to be awake! For an important task or are suffering from excessive sleep disorder. Try this simple turmeric trick. Just mix little black pepper with cinnamon powder and lime juice. Add to this a big pinch of turmeric and just gulp. This will help you blow away the extra sleep that’s hovering up on you.


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