4 Things that destroy a relationship

things that destroy a realtionship

Many of us might consider cheating as a milestone that will break your relationship. That, you people will no longer be the same in case you found out what your partner has wrongly done to you. However, there are other pointers that prove your relationship is doomed and will no longer materialize into a happily ever- after.

  • Being inattentive to your significant other. Everyone wants to feel needed. At times, all us wish be on our own. We try to relax and give ourselves times by withdrawing ourselves into our own shell. Giving all your time to your partner can make you sick and you would want to just pay attention to your needs, your life and everything that centres around you. Nonetheless, this can be very frustrating for your partner who expects you to be there when they need you. You might mistakenly flash the signal of taking them for granted. Just because you want to justify yourself, do not hurt someone emotionally. At times, emotional unavailability does more harm than physical. Quite unknowingly, you will only push the person away from you.
  • Failing to Trust. Everyone has their share of mistakes. Not all of us are saints. And if you have been one, you never know when you might commit a sin. It takes guts to share our past with a new partner. Nobody wants to feel judged. If there is a similar pattern of losing trust or being cheated, it’s another matter all together. But if you constantly prove someone that you lack the trust in the relationship, it only makes people feel bad and insignificant. Trying to constantly reflect the worst that someone might have done a long time back, doesn’t make you a good enough influence in that person’s life.
  • Abstaining from being physically and emotionally intimate. Sex is not everything. But agree or not, it is also important to show how much you crave every inch of the other person. This is a very natural desire we have been endowed with. Nonetheless, unless you feel emotionally closer, you cannot perform or satisfy the other person effectively. It will only be a half- hearted affair. Just because your relationship is an old one, you should not shun the other person whenever you consider it convenient. Your work and other engagements can be a good enough excuse sometimes, but not everyone can tolerate being isolated in a manner of being punished.
  • Failing to appreciate. It is pretty simple. If you think someone isn’t good enough for you, don’t jump into a relationship. And if you do, stop complaining. People are supposed to be the way they want to. It is wrong to constantly mirror their faults and criticise them in a manner that does nothing productive but only enough damage to break you apart. Learn to see the good in people and not magnify their shortcomings. People come together in a relationship to balance each others’ imperfections. That’s how the best relationships work. It is a ‘We’ and not ‘You’ and ‘Me’. Appreciate the little things that both of you do. Motivate your partner to do even better, and not pull him back every time he takes a step forward.

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