Should you go back to a partner who has cheated before?


Some people do not give in their 100% in a relationship. To them, relationships carry no meanings. They are least sensitive to the fact that the other person might be serious. Cheating is the worst possible way of breaking someone’s heart. Yet, some people are so attached to the other person that it gets difficult to let go.

If you have been cheated on by a partner, you just shouldn’t consider going back to him ever again. This might not be really the same for everyone else, but I will state agreeable reasons as to why should you not give an ex flame another chance.

  • They take you for granted. When you take back an ex, he gets convinced of the fact that you are weak and can never think of leaving them. No wonder, if you can take them back once, you can, every other time. They take advantage of your over involvement in their lives. They play with your emotions yet again and gain the freedom to cheat on you repeatedly.
  • Trust issues will haunt you. Isn’t it quite obvious for you to be worried all the time if you take him back after he has cheated? Even if he tries and changes himself, you will never be completely convinced of his whereabouts. You might try telling yourself and others that you trust him just like old times, but you will only be lying. Relationships are like threads, once broken, you can join them but knots will remain!
  • No matter what you would agree to, if your partner loves, you he can never cheat on you. Don’t fall into the trap if he says that he cheated on you, but loves you. That’s the gravest form of disrespect to the relationship. If he had cheated on you, the equations stand quite simple! He wanted someone else’s company. That’s what he was yearning for all the time he was with you. A man would crave for your company if he is into you, no one will cross his mind the way you would. That’s love!
  • The thought of him being physically intimate with someone other than you can gross you out. You might just continuously keep imagining the time he spent with the other girl. Moreover, if he has cheated on you with someone you are acquainted to, this might haunt your being all the time. You will only end up taunting him. It will take a very strong willed person to completely forgive and forget, and never speak about it ever again.
  • Love yourself first. More than any other reason, you should realise that you do not consider yourself worthy enough if you go back to an ex who has cheated. In that case, learn to love and respect yourself first and then expect someone else to do that! You will only be lowering your standards by taking him back. If you are truly meant for someone, trust me, he will never do something like that to you. The lesser the crap you tolerate, the better your life will be!

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