Women And Drugs – In India

Women And Drugs - In India

This is not another post on the mathematical/statistical increase of drug-usage over the years. Neither does it give a long, boring tirade on how people must never use drugs or give up on drugs completely. But the youth of our generation must be aware of the treacherous road they may or may not plan to walk on.

The usage of drugs has increased threefold over the decades. It was back in the 60’s, that we experienced legal use of opium, popped acid, smoked marijuana to make the best of classical music. And somehow, the youth in today’s world has reflected back to the Beat Generation in spite of not being the best of musicians time has ever seen.

We not only witness the generation throw away the pre-established standards of behaviour, but also do we see that they have a complete disregard for the conventional society. Drugs, music and anti-social behaviour is what gets them high – it’s what they feed on.

This crowd mostly consists of kids who have dropped out of college/school, wasting their life bit by bit, unknowingly. People who are certainly not the guitarists of the generation or the millionaires of the month! Why waste away even before we have begun?

Usage of drugs is not fun and games anymore. Withdrawal is painful. Money is scarce. For you know what they say,

“Dope will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no dope.”


Why Do We Use Drugs?


Ecstasy of The Mind

Because it feels good, it gives a temporary high, blurred and bright visions and a sense of exhilaration that nothing else can provide. A distorted vision of reality – making the mind ecstatic.


Media Has Made This Phenomena Seem “Cool”

Women And Drugs - In India

Smoking cigarettes, snorting cocaine – sounds pretty cool doesn’t it? We all do it because the drug-scene has been made to look so much cooler in the recent times, trying out multifarious drugs is practically in every teen’s bucket-list these days.


Partner is An Addict

When your partner turns into an addict, it becomes really hard to understand his mind, his causes of irritation, his obnoxious need for the drugs he takes. So in order to understand and be more like him – simply because you don’t want to lose him – you indulge yourself in drugs unknown.



Women And Drugs - In India

Depression and stresses are one of the major causes resulting in drug-addiction. For during times of sorrow and madness, we are so helpless that we resort to the worst of means to get relief from the current emotional instability.



Intrigue gets the better of us. We are so curious as to why people drink when they do, smoke when they do and do drugs when they do. What is so appealing about these injurious goods? We satiate our inquisitiveness by trying a particular drug once, telling ourselves we are just trying for the sake of curiosity. Ending up liking the experience, we think we can try again for we are sure we have more willpower than any other individual. But try once, try twice – and before you know it – you’re in the clutches of the drug you consumed.



We are scared we will not be accepted in a certain peer-group or social situation if we don’t abide by their rules. If we don’t behave the way they do, there’s always the fear of alienation and ridicule. So we give in, for – ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do.’

All of this, leads to addiction – for some things are beyond our control. And even if they are within our control, we are only humans. You become addicted to drugs as much as you are addicted to Oxygen. And this fixation only gets stronger as time passes.


The Plight of Women Who Use Drugs in India

Quite a few women in India have become heavy drug-users. Women are more inclined to become dependent on drugs than men.


Cannot Support Family

Women And Drugs - In India

They cannot support their families any longer, they cannot function without their drugs. They are slaves of what they consume. Their children grow up with neglect and no food.



They have no place to go for their families fail to recognise them as their kin, and their partners have walked out on them – leaving them to raise their children on their own.

In times when help and support is most needed, even the dearest ones turn their backs against us.


Things We Do For Drugs

With no place to go, no money to survive on and buy drugs with – these women resort to sex-work to sustain their livelihood, provide for their drugs and children. They endure the worst kind of treatment for they have no other option available.



The use of same syringes, sharing syringes and the increasing level of sex-work, has lead to unclean and unhealthy living conditions resulting in fatal, life-threatening diseases – be it sexually transmitted diseases or not – among women. These conditions result in the deaths of many innocent lives.


Looked Down Upon by The Society

Women And Drugs - In India

While men are free to use whatever they feel like, wear whatever they desire and behave however they want to. Women have always been looked down upon for deviating from the pre-established and unwritten rules of behaviour. Why?


Women who do drugs are still women. One must not look down upon them, merely because they are victims of an obsession most of our generation is suffering from.

Instead of banishing these women, judging them, calling them filthy and immoral creatures – for once, open your mind and try to help. You could have been saving a life if you weren’t so busy condemning one.


Addiction is a crazy, crazy thing!


What people are not realising is that, we all started thinking we would never get addicted, that we have that much self-control within us.

What feels good, will be wanted more, in more quantities, then eventually needed. We are already aware of how insatiable we are.

There will come a point in your life, you will never be able to turn your back on an intoxicant. That thing will consume your mind and soul. And you will wonder how far you have wandered off.


From brilliant actors like Heath Ledger – The Joker to the world’s best musicians – Jim Morrison, have all died at an early age due to drug-overdose. If these great personalities did not know better, who are we to say we will make it unscathed and unharmed?


So let us remember and respect all those of have died of overdoses and excessive drug-usage. And in their honour, let go of all those habits that give us a temporary high only to take away the last bit of real happiness left with us.



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